Pupcakes, Special Cupcake for dogs

This name is not a cupcake, but Pupcake. Pupcake made with recipes that are guaranteed safe for dogs. Made from wheat gluten-free, low-fat peanut butter, banana, cream cheese, low fat biscuits and special dog. Hmm, the dog will love guaranteed!

Pupcakes created by a cake-maker Laura Draper. In his cake shop located in Didsbury airport, Manchester, it provides healthy cupcake made specifically for dogs. Pupcakes made from vegan cupcake recipes are healthy and safe for the use of dogs, without making it add fat.

The owner of The Airyfairy Cake Boutique is initially felt sorry for the number of dogs which accompany the owner eating cupcakes, but couldnt get to enjoy it. Draperpun a discussion with his friend to make the cupcakes for dogs, as well as find a wealth of information.

Nobody wants to increase the numbers of obesity in dogs, Draper made the Pupcakes and sugar free low fat. Because it uses recipes vegan, delicious and safe Pupcakes also consumed by humans. Get rid of the dog biscuits stay on it, and can simply enjoyed! Pupcakes

Get positive acclaim from the seller, a woman 27 years these have been wishful thinking to develop sales Pupcakes. Later, he wanted to make the Pupcakes far greater, intended for large size dogs.

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